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Hair Extensions


Why get hair extensions?

Initially, hair extensions had a limited clientele and not always a smart choice with what was out there to choose from… These days woman and men for that matter, love them for many reasons. You can add length, add fullness, add colour - including highlights, lowlights, ombres or to add bold colour(s) to your hair. You can achieve all of these options without putting your own hair through any major colour transformations while making change easier and effortless. Changing colour can be just as much as extensions and in cases of vibrant colours the extensions won't fade out as fast giving longer lasting results. Do you want a bright purple ombre look, just for a few months? Maybe you decided you are missing that Inverted Bob? Just add some into the front on both sides to achieve that fuller longer look. Or even add colour to the tips in the front of your inversion? Always and eye catcher! Come in for your free consultation and we can decide together on what you can do next. To those who are blessed with natural curl but hate the "fluffy frizz" Try hair extensions, they weigh down your natural hair and give it control over the dreaded fluff!

Hair Extensions

Maybe your hair grows fast but is too thin? Maybe your hair is very thick but just won't grow beyond your shoulder? We are all unique… and unfortunately, not all of us are blessed with long or thick hair that we wish for. Thank goodness we can make it happen with today's technology. Just be careful that you go to a licensed hair salon that knows what they are doing and also that you are comparing apples to apples. Think about the annual cost of your selection, not just the initial cost alone, as maintenance costs can inflate your annual cost dramatically.

Unfortunately, hair salons are no longer governed by the Cosmetology Association in British Columbia.... What does that mean? You could be taking a chance on your precious locks with someone who isn't professionally trained as a licensed hairstylist, nor had official training with hair extensions for that matter. This can end up with serious damage being done to your hair. Be sure to ask the salon you go to if the stylist is a Certified Cosmetologist? Are they professionally trained in 'all' the hair extensions that they sell and apply? Do they cut them in to finish the look when they are applied? Are they using 100% 'Remy' hair? 100% 'Human' hair? Some cheaper brands claim to be using ''Real" hair but it is Yak hair.... Yuk!!!

How much are Extensions?

Consultations are free and necessary for a price quote. Everyone has different needs and hair types. Do you have thick or thin hair? Do you have a small, medium or large head shape? Do you want to add volume or do you want longer hair? How much longer? These questions will determine each individual price quote as well as deciding on which type of hair extensions that best suit your needs. All extension applications purchased through Michelle's Hair Lounge include the hair extensions ordered, their application and cutting in to blend with your own hair.

Michelle Hair


Most hair extension companies strip the hair’s cuticle with a muriatic acid, exposing the hair cortex. then they bleach the hair, dye it then dip the hair in silicone at high pressure to lacquer the hair and seal the cortex, leaving he hair silky and shiny until the silicone washes out later. Other companies take course animal hair from Ya, strip off it’s rough cuticle with acid, stretch it with perm lotion for length, bleach it, dye it and then they cover it up up by dipping it in silicone and sell it to you supposedly as 100% human Indo-European Cuticle Remy Hair “at the absolute best price!”. Some even add synthetic fibre to the hair!

ER Extensions hair quality is simply pure, shiny, silky, 100% Human Indo-European Cuticle Remy Hair. Carefully selected from the finest Hindu Temples of Northern India. ER Hair has absolutely NO Animal or Synthetic content! ER labs gently lighten the hair with UV lights and colour the hair with harmless heat activated pigments without harsh or damaging chemicals while locking in healthy and shiny colour. ER Extensions: Really is Simply the finest quality 100% Human Indo-European Cuticle Remy Hair at the absolute best price!


Hot fusion is a strand method attached with a keratin based bond with a heating element. Hot fusion hair extensions are also known as keratin extensions. They are applied to your natural hair.

Micro-Links are also a strand method which are applied to the hair in the same manner as hot fusion bonds, only they are clamped on the hair with a silicone link. They can be used to apply stick hair, flat tip hair and wefts.

This method installs in as little as 30 minutes, so you’ll be looking fabler in no time. The medical grade adhesive is designed for hair, so with proper care, tape won’t weaken until you’re ready to remove it with the help of a bond remover. Tape-In are usually applied in 1"-2" wide pre-taped hair wefts that are "sandwich" like bonds.

Please note: that a non-refundable deposit is required on all hair extension orders.
24 hours notice is required for appointment cancellation or re-scheduling or a no-show fee may be applicable.